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SWIT holds retreat,urges government to make Nigerias’ Tax system more gender sensitive

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By Victoria Onehi

The Society of Women in Taxation (SWIT) has held its annual retreat with a call on governnmnt and stakeholders to make Nigerias’ Tax System more gender sensitive.

The retreat which held in Abuja on Saturday had the President and Chairman of Council Chartered Institute of Taxation (CITN), Barr. Samuel Olushola Agbeluyi,mni, FCTI, and other stakeholders in attendance.

The Senior Programme Officer, International Budget Partnership (IBP) Chika Okoh, speaking on the topic “Gender Equality and Taxation” said Nigerias’ Tax system  should be fair and equitable devoid of discrimination to enable more women play their statutory role.

She added that Nigeria needs a gendered tax system as it can be a tool for resource re-distribution.

Speaking in the same vein, the Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Taxation(CITN), Abuja and District Society, Dr Kennedy Iwundu,FCTI, said one of the ways gender can be included in Nigerias’ tax system is by making sure that women are involved in tax leadership.

” Tax leadership in terms of tax policy making and tax adminstration. We have the FIRS,Joint Tax Board and the 36 Internal State Revenue services.How many women are there as directors? So, by the time you include them in tax policy and tax adminstration, it makes it gender sensitive.” he said.

The President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria Barr. Samuel Olushola Agbeluyi mni FCTI, advocated for equal pay for equal jobs irrespective of gender.He added  that women have done so well in different fields and can no longer be relegated to the background.

The President said the Society of Women in Taxation (SWIT) is an arm of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria that the Institute is so proud of.

He noted that the essence of the SWIT annual retreat is to build capacity of leaders at a higher level amongst the women. “You can’t do advocacy without knowledge, you must have the knowledge before you can do advocacy.  And taxation is very dynamic that you need to keep updating your knowledge of it from time to time. 

The National Chairperson of the Society of Women in Taxation (SWIT),Mrs Bosede Ikhanoba,FCTI, in her address stated that SWIT as a body, certainly has a role to play in understanding the gender impacts of tax policy and tax administration. 

“Also, this programme has been put together in our quest for strategic partnership with the International Budget Partnership (IBP) to leverage on their continuous support towards the actualisation of the strategic role of SWIT and walking us through the journey thus ensuring realisation of our objectives.”Ikhanoba said.

She thanked the International Budget Partnership (IBP) for sponsoring the retreat and also giving SWIT a facilitator for the event.

She specially appreciated the Vice Chair of SWIT and Chair,2023 Retreat Planning Committee Dr. Caroline Ndubuisi,FCTI,and members of the 2023 Retreat Planning Committee who worked tirelessly to coordinate the event. 

The National Chairperson said SWIT has over 3000 members accross 23 states adding that the Kano State Chapter was just inaugurated on the 5th of December, 2023.

The SWIT annual retreat was capped up with a dinner with the 16th President and Chairman of Council CITN, Barr. Samuel Olushola Agbeluyi,mni, FCTI tagged “African night” of fun, laughter and drumming from the President’s ancient town of Osun State.

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