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Peoples Alternative Political Movement launches CAST- Nigeria,push for Socialism

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By Victoria Onehi

The Peoples Alternative Poliitical Movement (TPAP-M) has said Capitalism and Neo Liberalism has nothing to offer Nigerians considering the high rate of inflation,poverty and unemployment experienced in the country now.

A member of TRAP-M,Comrade Jaye Gaskia stated this in a Press Conference to launch the Campaign for Socialist Transformation of Nigeria (CAST-Nigeria) in Abuja yesterday.

Gaskia said TPAP-M would be using the period of this election to make a case for socialism through the Campaign for the Socialist Transformation of Nigeria (CAST-NIGERIA).

” Firstly,that we support the right of Nigerians to make their choice at the polls.Hence, the purpose of our engagement during this period is to raise the banner of socialism and change the narrative during this elections,to change the focus from the politicians to the people. To mobilise Nigerians into the Movement so that they can be organised and have a voice and have the capacity to push back and resist bad policies now and after the 2023 elections.” Gaskia said.

Another member of TPAP-M ,Comrade Omotoye Olorode said the condition of the people have detoriorated progressivly under capitalist systems.

” After 22 years of their callous and treasury looting rule,the policies of the capitalist system over which they have presided have only resulted in disastrous consequences of catastrophic dimensions.The impact of the exploitative capitalist system on the people have resulted in disasters,from the ever-rising cost of living,leading to a cost of living crises , to  the deepening pandemic of insecurity. The tale of destruction continue to be the lot of the working people and toiling masses.”Olorode said.

He therefore said the Campaign for Socialist Transformation of Nigeria will begin to engage the people ahead of the February elections to make the right choice of leaders who will create a society owned by the people.

While launching the The Peoples Alternative Party Manifesto,Deputy Convener, Alliance on Surviving Covid 19 and Beyound (ASCAB),Hauwa Mustapha says the system Nigeria is operating on presently is faulty,hence Nigerians need a new idealogy to take them were they want.

” We have used capitalism to drive the nation,why don’t we try socialism.” She said.

She added that the Peoples Alternative Poliitical Party Manifesto is a Manifesto of 87 million Nigerians living in poverty and over 12 million Nigerian children who are out of school currently in country. 

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