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Bratim Tasks Partners to Embrace AI, Other Technologies at 2024 Forum

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By Victoria Onehi

The  Bratim Business School has called on all stakeholders to embrace technology and AI to improve on quality of service delivery.

The CEO of the School, Mr Tejan Ibrahim said this at its 2024 Faculty Forum in Abuja on Saturday.

Themed ‘Transforming the Bratim Learning Ecosystem,’ the forum was geared towards helping to transform the mindset of tutors and strategic partners on the school’s direction.

He said: “Now, Bratim is 20 years, so starting from 2024,what we are looking forward to is to become a world-class institute. In 2030, we hope to be the number one business school in Nigeria. So when you think of ICAN and ACCA certification training, as well as corporate trainings, you will think of Bratim.

Speaking further, Ibrahim said the achievement of the past is a demonstration that the school can do much more. 

“Our core values are integrity, partnership, innovation and professionalism. Innovation is at the bedrock of what we do. We have transformed from using zoom to having an online portal for lectures for hybrid students. Now we have students all over the world, in France, UK, Canada, USA so we have evolved. We are teaching our students Artificial intelligence apart from professional qualifications.We teach how to use artificial intelligence to better do what they do,” Ibrahim disclosed.

Corroborating this, the Chairman of Bratim Group Seyi Katola, said without technology, people will be 100 years backward. 

He said: “There is a limit to what you can retain or recall so you need Artificial intelligence (AI) and technology to drive that. We need technology to reduce the human energy. So, if you don’t have learning systems that respect technology,we will be miles backward. We at Bratim will use Artificial Intelligence and technology to drive the future of learning because the students are already using it. “

Katola said, in the last 20 years the company has built a world-class learning centre not just for the students, but for all strata of persons. “Looking back where we are, we have greatly achieved.Today, you see most of the world-acclaimed certifiers beckoning at us. We are becoming a good learning centre to reckon with and that shows us that we have grown.” 

Business Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer of the NNPC, Hafsatu Abdu- Gusau, added that as a student of Bratim in 2015, she derived value from the institute. “It’s 10 years and I have maintained my relationship with Bratim and I make a lot of references to the place even in the office. We expect so much incorporation of Artificial intelligence and technology so wereever student are, they can have virtual classes.” 

The Lead, Administration and Operations Bratim Business School, Kelechi Eze said the forum has helped to engage with tutors and strategic partners to bring to them some aspects of knowledge they may not have taken seriously.

“So, through this forum we have experts in AI and emotional Intelligence who bring to our tutors and partners some aspects of knowledge they may have not taken seriously. Things that will help them in classroom, prepare notes,help them do research. Just to see how technology can help them do their  jobs better,” she said.

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