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15 women get grant, loans to boost their businesses in Kubwa

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By Victoria Onehi

Fifteen less-privileged women have gotten grant and non-interest- loans to help start and expand their businesses from the Children and Adult Empowerment Initiative CAADEI in Kubwa Abuja. 

During the disbursement ceremony which was held at APEARL Premier Private School in Kubwa on Saturday, the Executive Director, Children and Adult Empowerment Initiative, (CAADEI) Mrs  Stella Ebele Okafor, said 15 women benefitted from the initiative this year.

“Today, Saturday 21st May, fifteen women are benefiting from this Initiative out of which three – an orphaned family and two visually impaired widows received the grant of 50,000 Naira each.

” For the first time the organisation has upgraded two of its non-interest loans and is giving 100,000 naira loan each to two of its beneficiaries,” she said.

One of the beneficiaries, Ibekwe Gracious Kelechi who got a grant of 50,000 said the money will help her start a food packaging business.

“Though I am a teacher, I want to start a food packaging business. I want to start processing plantain and millet for sale. With this money I got today, I will begin packaging this flour. I will use the money well.” she said.

Another beneficiary, Helen Leligi also got a non-interest loan of 50,000 Naira.”I sew clothes but with this money I got today, I want to start selling wrappers. I am happy and I know this money will help me expand my business.” She said.

Rita Nuhu who got a sum of 100,000 non-interest loan was overjoyed and thanked the founder of the initiative and the sponsors. 

“This money will help me expand my business. I  sell foodstuffs like Beans, Rice Corn, and Yam and Guinea Corn. With this money I received today, I will buy these foodstuffs in large quantities and make a better profit. I am grateful to CAADEI.” she said.

The wife of the Bishop of  Kubwa Diocese of Anglican Communion, Mrs Sarah Akamisoko charged the beneficiaries to utilise the money wisely. “This money is not too small. You can do a lot with it. All you need is the wisdom from God and to know where to get your products at cheap rates and you will make a profit.”She said.

The husband of the Executive Director of CAADEI, Architect Ruby Okafor encouraged the beneficiaries to be diligent and patient in whatever business they are doing. He added that any business will grow if people are faithful and re-invest their profit into the business.

The Children and Adult Empowerment Initiative (CAADEI) was established in 2012 as an education advocate with a focus on literacy and skill development.

However, the Empowerment for the relief/assistance to the indigent started in 2019, especially for women and less-privileged youths. In 2019, four women were beneficiaries of non-interest loan of 50,000 Naira each. In 2020 this was extended to seven women, one was given a grant and six received a non-interest loan. In 2021 eleven women benefitted to enable their trade and projects.

The Executive Director stated that CAADEI intends to ensure that these individuals are assisted in their businesses, and improve their income for better family and good health.

She thanked the Coordinators of the Initiative and the Sponsors adding that the Initiative is soliciting more sponsors.

” Currently, we pray for our sponsors Dr (Mrs) Uchechukwu Ezeokoli and Mrs Deana Daiello, may God replenish them and may He meet them at the point of their needs.”She said.

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